About us

Ikhwanscope is a non-profit website aimed at shedding light on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Movement and their ideology world-wide.

Who is it directed at?

Ikhwanscope is directed at all researchers, učenjaci, and interested readers worldwide who are concerned with Islamic movements in general and the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in particular.

What do we see for the future?

Ikhwanscope seeks to bring awareness and appeal to its readers. Through our passion and obsession for Islam and its understanding we hope to become the world’s number one reference and source for the Muslim Brotherhood movement offering free service to all interested.

What is our cause?

Ikhwanscope aims at giving a clear understanding and insight to the world on the Muslim Brotherhood Movementscause through its ideologies, aspirations and accomplishments.


Ikhwanscope is accessible in both Arabic and English hence reaching a larger number of readers who are interested in Islam and Islamic Movements in an attempt to build bridges and promote understanding.


Ikhwanscope’s administration is comprised of a number of young, intellectual researchers and scholars interested in Islamic movements, political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood Movement.


Ikhwanscope is an electronic website with its administration situated in Cairo, Egipat.

How to contact us?

Readers may contact Ikhwanscope’s administration by e-mailing:

[email protected]

We look forward to reading your constructive views and thoughts and hope that we can bring across to our valued readers the open mindedness in which Islam advocates