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Оваа книга се подготвува многу години, како што објаснува авторот во својот Предговор, иако тој го напиша најголемиот дел од вистинскиот текст во текот на неговата година како виш научен соработник во Центарот за стратешко разузнавачко истражување. Авторот долги години бил декан на Факултетот за разузнавачки студии на Заедничкиот колеџ за воено разузнавање. И покрај тоа што може да изгледа дека книгата може да ја напишал кој било добар историчар или регионален специјалист во Југоисточна Азија, ова дело е осветлено од повеќе од тридецениската служба на авторот во националната разузнавачка заедница. Неговата регионална експертиза често се применува на посебни проценки за Заедницата. Со познавање на исламот неспоредливо меѓу неговите врсници и неизгаслива жед за одредување како би можеле да се одвиваат целите на оваа религија во области далеку од фокусот на сегашното внимание на повеќето креатори на политики, авторот максимално ја искористи оваа можност да ја запознае Разузнавачката заедница и пошироката читателска публика со стратешкото ценење на регионот во жестокиот на помирувањето на секуларните и религиозните сили.
Оваа публикација е одобрена за неограничена дистрибуција од Канцеларијата за преглед на безбедноста, Одделот за одбрана.

Muslim Americans Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream

Истражувачкиот центар Пју

Muslims constitute a growing and increasingly important segment of American society.Yet there is surprisingly little quantitative research about the attitudes and opinions of thissegment of the public for two reasons. прво, САД. Census is forbidden by law from askingquestions about religious belief and affiliation, и, as a result, we know very little about thebasic demographic characteristics of Muslim Americans. Второ, Muslim Americans comprisesuch a small percentage of the U.S. population that general population surveys do not interview asufficient number of them to allow for meaningful analysis.This Pew Research Center study is therefore the first ever nationwide survey to attempt tomeasure rigorously the demographics, attitudes and experiences of Muslim Americans. It buildson surveys conducted in 2006 by the Pew Global Attitudes Project of Muslim minority publics inGreat Britain, Франција, Germany and Spain. The Muslim American survey also follows on Pew’sglobal surveys conducted over the past five years with more than 30,000 Muslims in 22 nationsaround the world since 2002.The methodological approach employed was the most comprehensive ever used to studyMuslim Americans. Nearly 60,000 respondents were interviewed to find a representative sampleof Muslims. Interviews were conducted in Arabic, Urdu and Farsi, as well as English. Subsamplesof the national poll were large enough to explore how various subgroups of thepopulationincluding recent immigrants, native-born converts, and selected ethnic groupsincluding those of Arab, Pakistani, and African American heritagediffer in their attitudesThe survey also contrasts the views of the Muslim population as a whole with those ofthe U.S. general population, and with the attitudes of Muslims all around the world, includingWestern Europe. конечно, findings from the survey make important contributions to the debateover the total size of the Muslim American population.The survey is a collaborative effort of a number of Pew Research Center projects,including the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, the Pew Forum on Religion &Public Life and the Pew Hispanic Center. The project was overseen by Pew Research CenterPresident Andrew Kohut and Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life Director Luis Lugo. ThePew Research Center’s Director of Survey Research, Scott Keeter, served as project director forthe study, with the close assistance of Gregory Smith, Research Fellow at the Pew Forum. Manyother Pew researchers participated in the design, execution and analysis of the survey.

Towards Understanding Islam



Every religion of the world has been named either after its founder or after the community ornation in which it was born. На пример, Christianity takes its name from its prophet JesusChrist; Buddhism from its founder, Gautama Buddha; Zoroastrianism from its founderZoroaster-, and Judaism, the religion of the Jews, from the name of the tribe Judah (of thecountry of Judea) where it originated. The same is true of all other religions except Islam, whichenjoys the unique distinction of having no such association with any particular person or peopleor country. Nor is it the product of any human mind. It is a universal religion and itsobjective is to create and cultivate in man the quality and attitude of Islam.Islam, in fact, is an attributive title. Anyone who possesses this attribute, whatever race,community, country or group he belongs to, is a Muslim. According to the Qur’an (the HolyBook of the Muslims), among every people and in all ages there have been good and righteouspeople who possessed this attributeand all of them were and are Muslims.IslamWhat Does it Mean?Islam is an Arabic word and connotes submission, surrender and obedience. As a religion,Islam stands for complete submission and obedience to Allah.1Everyone can see that we live in an orderly universe, where everything is assigned a place in agrand scheme. The moon, the stars and all the heavenly bodies are knit together in amagnificent system. They follow unalterable laws and make not even the slightest deviation fromtheir ordained courses. Слично на тоа, everything in the world, from the minute whirling electron tothe mighty nebulae, invariably follows its own laws. Matter, energy and lifeall obey their lawsand grow and change and live and die in accordance with those laws. Even in the human worldthe laws of nature are paramount. Man’s birth, growth and life are all regulated by a set ofbiological laws. He derives sustenance from nature in accordance with an unalterable law. Allthe organs of his body, from the smallest tissues to the heart and the brain, are governedby the laws prescribed for them. In short, ours is a law-governed universe and everything in it isfollowing the course that has been ordained for it.