Egypte in de 21e eeuw

Bruce Rutherford

Egypte: a brief history!
• “As Egypt goes, so go the Arabs”
• Intellectual & cultural center of Arab world
• Birth place of modern Arab na8onalism
• Largest Arab popula8on (80+ million)
• Largest army in Arab world
• Second largest economy in Arab world
• Advantageous geographical loca8on ( Suez Canal,
Nile, Mediterranean, etc.)
• Educa8onal, poli8cal, cultureel, etc. influence over
the Arab world

1952 dissa8sfied Army Officers overthrew King Farouk

(Bri8sh Installed & supported)

• Gamal Abdel Nasser (President 1956‐1970)

– Charisma8c leader

– Champion of Arab na8onalism & Arab Socialism

– Suppressed all poli8cal opposi8ons (including the Muslim


– Kept a 8ght control on the economy and poli8cal life

(na8onalized most private businesses)

1967 war with Israel

– Economy went from bad to worse under Nasser

– Now, Nasser is a cult figure through the Arab world &


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