Islamic Movement: Political Freedom & demokracija

Dr.Yusuf al-Qaradawi

It is the duty of the (Islamska) Movement in the coming phase tostand firm against totalitarian and dictatorial rule, political despotism and usurpation of people’s rights. The Movement should always stand by political freedom, as represented by true,not false, demokracija. It should flatly declare it refusal of tyrantsand steer clear of all dictators, even if some tyrant appears to havegood intentions towards it for some gain and for a time that is usually short, as has been shown by experience.The Prophet (SAWS) said, “ When you see my Nation fall victim to fear and does not say to a wrong –doer, “You are wrong”, thenyou may lose hope in them.” So how about a regime that forces people to say to a conceited wrongdoer, “How just, how great you are. O our hero, our savior and our liberator!”The Quran denounces tyrants such as Numrudh, Pharaoh, Haman and others, but it also dispraises those who follow tyrants andobey their orders. This is why Allah dispraises the people of Noahby saying, “ But they follow (m en) whose wealth and childrengive them no increase but only loss.” [Surat Nuh; 21]Allah also says of Ad, people of Hud, “ And followed thecommand of every powerful, obstinate transgressor”. [Surat Hud:59]See also what the Quran says about the people of Pharaoh, « Toda sledili so faraonovemu ukazu, in faraonov ukaz ni bil pravilno voden.[Surat Hud: 97] »Tako se je delal norca iz svojih ljudi, in so ga ubogali: res so bili uporniško ljudstvo (proti Alahu).” [Surat Az-Zukhruf: 54]Podrobnejši pogled na zgodovino muslimanskega naroda in islamskega gibanja v sodobnem času bi moral jasno pokazati, da je islamicid, Islamsko gibanje in Islamsko prebujenje nikoli nista cvetela ali obrodila sadov, razen v ozračju demokracije in svobode, in so ovenele in postale nerodovitne šele v času zatiranja in tiranije, ki sta teptala voljo ljudstev, ki so se oklepala islama. Takšni zatiralski režimi so vsiljevali svoj sekularizem, socializma ali komunizma na svoje narode s silo in prisilo, uporabo prikritega mučenja in javnih usmrtitev, and employing those devilish tools that tore flesh,shed blood, crushed bone and destroyed the soul.We saw these practices in many Muslim countries, including Turkey, Egipt, Sirija, Irak, (the former) South Yemen, Somaliaand northern African States for varying periods of time, depending on the age or reign of the dictator in each country.On the other hand, we saw the Islamic Movement and the Islamic Awakening bear fruit and flourish at the times of freedom and democracy, and in the wake of the collapse of imperial regimes that ruled peoples with fear and oppression.Therefore, I would not imagine that the Islamic Movement could support anything other than political freedom and democracy.The tyrants allowed every voice to be raised, except the voice ofIslam, and let every trend express itself in the form of a politicalparty or body of some sort, except the Islamic current which is theonly trend that actually speaks for this Nation and expresses it screed, vrednote, essence and very existence.

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