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Moderate and Radical Islam

Ilımlı ve radikal İslam

One of the components of this study is relevant to a question that I was asked to address,which is how radical Islam differs from moderate or mainstream Islam.

Challenges to Democracy in the Arab and Muslim World

Arap ve Müslüman Demokrasi için Dünya Zorluklar

President Bush’s notions that democratizing Iraq will have a ripple effect on the rest ofthe Arab world, bringing prosperity and peace to the region, and that democracy is the panaceafor Islamic terrorism are unsubstantiated as well as grossly misleading.

The Ikhwan in North America: A Short History

Ikhwan Kuzey Amerika'da: A Short History

Kutsal Topraklar Vakfı İnsani Yardım ve Kalkınma için karşı mevcut federal dava (HLF) in Dallas, Texas,1 offers an unprecedented inside look into the history of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, as well as its goals and structure.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Belgium

The Muslim Brotherhood in Belgium

The Global Muslim Brotherhood has been present in Europe since 1960 when SaidRamadan, the grandson of Hassan Al-Banna, founded a mosque in Munich .

The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe

The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe

Shumuliyyat al-islam (Islam as encompassing every aspect of life) is the first of twenty principles laid out by the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, Hasan el-Benna, to teach his followers the proper understanding of Islam

The Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. Network

The Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. Network

Washington D.C. has suddenly become very interested in the Muslim Brotherhood. American policymakers are debating whether to engage non-violent elements of the Muslim Brotherhood network, both inside and outside the United States, in the hope that such engagement will empower these “moderates” against violent Wahhabi and Salafi groups such as al-Qaeda

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Conquest of Europe

Avrupa'nın Müslüman Kardeşler'in Conquest

Since its founding in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood (Hizb al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun) has profoundly influenced the political life of the Middle East. Its motto is telling: “Allah is our objective. Peygamber bizim lider. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way .Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope .

Qutbism: An Ideology of Islamic-Fascism

Qutbism: An Ideology of Islamic-Fascism

The recently published National Military Strategic Plan for the War onTerrorism (NMSP-WOT) is to be commended for identifying “ideology”as al Qaeda’s center of gravity

Terrorist and Extremist Movements in the Middle East

Terörist ve aşırı Hareketleri Orta Doğu'da

Terörizm ve asimetrik savaş pek Ortadoğu askeri denge yeni özellikleri, ve İslami aşırılığın pek aşırılıkçı tek kaynak şiddet.

The Death of Political Islam

Siyasal İslam'ın Death

The obituaries for political Islam have begun to be written. After years of seemingly unstoppablegrowth, Islamic parties have begun to stumble



Ever since the Bush administration’s declaration of a global war on terror after 9/11,academics and policymakers have sought ways to counter the global terrorist threat .

Islamic Movements and the Use of Violence:

İslami Hareketler ve Şiddet kullanın:

şiddet sınır ötesi İslamcı terör ağlarında son akademik ve popüler odak rağmen,Orada İslami hareketlerin bir çokluğu olduğunu. Bu çokluk iki bulmaca bilim sunar.

The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States

ABD'de Müslüman Kardeşler

The current U.S. Brotherhood leadership has attempted to deny this history, both claiming that it is not accurate and at the same time that saying that it represents an older form of thought inside the Brotherhood.

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